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"We have loved every project that you have worked on with us, from our very first project finishing our basement to our most recent project renovating our home in Vermont. The best part is that with each project all aspects of your designs have fit comfortably into our lifestyles. Not only is each space beautiful, it is functional. The basement project turned a gloomy, damp space into one that the kids enjoy hanging out in with their friends. The butler's pantry project took a small, dark space and turned it into a more usable space, filled with light and opening it up to the rest of the house. We can't tell you how much with enjoy our screened porch that you designed. We didn't want the addition to look like an afterthought, and, in the end, it looks as if it has been there all along. The Vermont house has been our most challenging project thus far, not only because of the distance, but because of the very nature of the project, melding two distinct buildings together without compromising what we love about both buildings. Once again your designs and your understanding of how we live have only made this home better and more enjoyable. What was most impressive, you were able to work successfully with the Vermont contractor, helping to guide him from a distance with very few site visits. As we head up to Vermont this weekend, we can only thank you for the lovely work you created for us over the years."  -  Cathy S 2014

"Thank you for your time, expertise and design aesthetic. We are grateful to you for ensuring a beautiful renovation to our home."  -  Paula A 2013

"Thank you so much for your help. I love the bathroom!"  -  Carol M 2013

"It seems like just yesterday we were working on the kitchen with you…we have been greatly enjoying our new kitchen and master bath, and we have gotten many, many compliments on them. Any interest in meeting for lunch or coffee one day? I simply enjoyed your company when we were working on the house and thought it would be fun to stay in touch."  -  Irene B 2012

"Wow, you are always a wealth of information!"  -  Jodi G 2012

"We are truly very happy with every aspect of the house. It's beautiful inside and out and we are very happy with all the work you did to make it 'us.' We really have a great time showing off the house, with envious guests impressed with the kitchen, master bath, wall colors and everything else. There was a lot of work involved and at times it got very tiring, but one consistent thing throughout was that we always looked forward to getting together with you."  -  Ted D 2011